New Possibilities Energize the Pool Project

11/4/2015  The Pool Committee has decided to move forward with what they call their PLAN B for the design and construction of the new community swimming pool.

Good News!

Construction bids for our Delhi Swimming Pool And Pool House Project( West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center) are being solicited at this writing. We are on our way to having the swimming pool that will re-ignite and expand the recreational possibilities for our families and friends in our greater area. A truly exciting time! It has been a long journey. Finally our dream of again having a swimming pool is soon to become a reality!

The bid notice went in the Walton Reporter, Delaware County Times, Daily Star and Binghamton Press along with notice on the Contractor's website, Dodge Report. It also appears on the Town of Delhi website. Bids will be opened at 7:30pm on June 9th at the town of Delhi Office building at 5 Elm Street.

This will be a destination for summer fun, where you can enjoy swimming, meeting friends, getting healthy and just plain relaxing. And then you will look at the adjacent playground, the athletic fields and Delaware County mountains and want to pack a picnic and stay longer next time?

Stay tuned to hear the latest. 

Constitution Pipeline Community Grant Awarded

The Constitution Pipeline Community Grant Program has awarded the West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center Committee, a subcommittee under the Town of Delhi, a $25,000 grant for the construction of the community swimming pool. Under the expertise of Lori Paulson, a long time member of the Pool Committee and Grant Manager for Delaware County Economic Development, the application for consideration was submitted. Since 2008, Paulson has worked diligently to explore possible grants to assure the community could experience the summer recreational opportunities provided by a swimming pool, a facility which was once the focal point for summer activities in the greater Delhi area.  It was in 1950 that a group of energetic and optimistic residents, much like today’s Pool Committee, fundraised for a community swimming pool on Sheldon Drive.  That original group included the current Pool Committee’s Chairman Bill Oles whose business savvy paved the way from 2003 until 2011 when he stepped down due to health issues. Their venture gave this community a swimming pool that lasted 50 years. This present Pool Committee has every intention of doing the same!

Green Light!

The Pool Committee has been notified by the New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation Agency that the plans and bid specifications package for the community swimming pool has been reviewed and approved. The quicker than expected letter of acceptance from Parks and Rec can most surely be due to the dedicated and thorough development of these plans and specifications by Pool Committee member, Chris Maney. What was advised by the agency to take weeks took just three days. Lori Paulson, Delaware County Economic Development, and member of the Pool Committee, has been the guiding force in navigating the many steps to satisfy Parks and Rec procedures to guarantee the $200,000 grant awarded 4 years ago.

This good news means the pool project is ready to go out to bid and that the ground breaking ceremonies will take place this Fall.  It has been through the vision and leadership of the Pool Committee founder, Wilbur S. Oles, that this project is now close to becoming a reality. The Pool Committee has never wavered from staying focused and dedicated to Mr. Oles’ belief that this greater area’s residents and visitors deserve the chance to again have the recreational pleasures that a swimming pool  offers, that there is a  center where families and friends can socially interact in a healthy and positive way.

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