DOH Approves the Engineering Plans

The Town of Delhi - Pool Committee was notified by the NYS Department of Health that the submitted engineering plans for the Pool Project were approved on February 20th. This represents one of, if not the greatest, step the committee had to satisfy in order to proceed with the project. The Pool Engineer, Ben Hanbicki, out of Pennsylvania has been affiliated with the Pool Project since 2006 and will continue with the project until its completion. The committee's pool design originated from the members experience with pools, the various movement and use of the pool by swimmers and the necessity for safety and efficiency. The committee has been told that their community swimmiing pool design has been adapted by other communities. The Department of Health's stamp of approval can assure the community that the pool project has met the highest standards. They will continue to follow the project and be visible on an annual basis.

The Thomson Charitable Trust Recognizes the Pool Project

The Pool Committee was pleasantly surprised to learn of their receipt of $12,392 from the Thomson Charitable Trust. The Trust was established in 1965 with the mission of recognizing and supporting projects within 25 miles of Hobart which demonstrate a viable, well organized proposal that enhances the lives of their
communities. The Committee has their Treasurer, Bryan Boyer, to thank for the foresight to personally make contact with the Trust. The grant award represents a significant vote of confidence through a monetary contribution. The Pool Committee, more formally known as The West Branch Recreation and Aquatic
Center Committee, is truly gratified to be chosen as a recipient.

Walton Business Lends their Support

Benson Krom-Braen, owner and manager of West Branch Collision and Classics at 60 Delaware Street in Walton, felt it was time to offer some assistance to the West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center Swimming Pool Project which will soon be built on Town of Delhi land adjacent to the Legion field. Krom-Braen is no stranger to contributing to area organizations and communities. Unbeknownst to the Pool Committee, he organized a fundraiser to help bring the Pool Project closer to its goal. When the Pool Committee contacted him to express their gratitude, he stated that giving back to not only Walton but many surrounding communities is just a natural and important part of who they are. He indicated that through his long time friendship with Jason Thomson, Delaware Academy School District Superintendent in Delhi, he became aware of Delhi’s quest to rebuild a swimming pool after the closure of their old pool in 2003. With assistance from his Office Manager, Leslie Scholl, a resident of Delhi, they generously presented a check to the Pool Committee Treasurer, Bryan Boyer. Most definitely an uplifting and inspiring contribution which helps us not only get the swimming pool build, but also to bridge our communities. Many thanks, Mr. Krom-Braen.

Appeal for Funding Reaches Beyond Our Borders

Our community swimming pool project has been in the works since the Fall of 2003. That’s a long time and might suggest lack of interest and support. But that is not the case. This project seems to be gaining momentum both in expressed interest and financial support. More and more people are believing this pool will become a reality. Individuals, families and businesses have been actively contributing. The Pool Committee has stayed focused and very much committed to getting a swimming pool built for everyone to enjoy. Through many challenges and much patience, it appears slow and steady wins the race!

One of our contributors sends out appeals for additional support by doing a mass mailing to his Class of 1968 classmates. Where is he doing all of this from? Germany! Growing up in Delhi in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Mark remembers the daily fun activities at the swimming pool on Sheldon Drive. Whether in the pool playing and creating water games or on the banks outside the pool gates socializing with friends, he never forgot the good memories of those summers at the pool. His fond experiences of summers in Delhi have been relayed to the committee by many other contributors near and far. Mark decided he could do something for our community project despite his distance from his childhood hometown. How grateful our communities are for all the support generated by memories and visions of summer fun around the swimming pool. Hats off to you all!

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