Swimming Pool To Open!

Finally after 16 years of fundraising, negotiating and teamwork, our new community swimming pool opens this Saturday, June 22nd from 12:30pm - 8pm. The pool will also be open on Sunday, June 23rd from 12:30pm - 8pm. Future hours will be posted
Come join the fun!

Almost There!

Two recent images of the pool!


Notices for Town of Delhi Recreation Director & Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards for the Community Swimming Pool

Posted 2/27/2019

Town of Delhi Recreation Director

The Town of Delhi is currently accepting applications for the position of Recreation Director. This seasonal position runs April 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019. The hours are flexible based on the needed time for completion of required duties and attendance at requested Town of Delhi and the Pool Advisory Council meetings. On-call availability through this period is a necessity. Certification as a Pool Operator preferred, but not required to apply. Knowledge and understanding of playground management. Post secondary education in recreation, sports management and/or business helpful.

● Knowledge and experience in public swimming pool operation and usage
● Able to effectively supervise Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors
● Responsible for setting up weekly employee work schedules, including facilitating the operation of swimming lessons
● Must maintain required records for the municipality, DOH and others and be able to present such information when requested
● Works well with children and the general public. Applications and a detailed job description with required qualifications are available at the office of the Town Clerk, 5 Elm Street, Delhi, NY; Monday-Friday 8;00am-3;00pm. Application deadline is March 22, 2019. The Town of Delhi is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Town of Delhi Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards for the Community Swimming Pool

The Town of Delhi is currently accepting applications for the positions of Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard. These seasonal positions run approximately June 1, 2019-September 2, 2019. All certifications(WSI/Lifeguard, First Aid, CPR, AED) must be current. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age at the time of employment. Although experience in an aquatic program lifeguarding and/or as an instructor is preferred, it is not required. Work schedule may vary weekly between 9am - 8pm.

Much Needed Clarification about the Project’s Status

To pass by the Pool Project down at the far end of the Legion Field, one might surmise that the swimming pool was ready to be used but for the element of frigid December weather and the absence of the finishing touches in proper landscaping. While the pool appears complete and has the fencing and the building to house the pump room and bathrooms, the pool project is not completed. The construction company, Andrew R.Mancini Associates, Inc., will be returning in the Spring to finish the necessary tasks in satisfying their obligation in completing this project. Presently, the pool has some water in it which helps to stabilize and anchor the pool structure over the winter. This will be drained so that the Mancinicrew can finish the pool surface.

To say, in the midst of municipal and grantor oversite, that the Pool Projectis complete is misleading and falsely implies all requirements have been met to secure available funding. The swimming pool will be fully functional next year with an anticipated christening in early summer. This is a goal and no one sees any reason not to believe everything will be ready for that official opening celebration.

It is through the patience, the understanding and the wisdom of the Town of Delhi and the Pool Committee that our communities may soon experience a swimming pool once again. The mission to provide a safe environment for summer recreation and a gathering place for family and friends has never wavered. It has been a long and bumpy road continually redirected and negotiated by experienced people.

Please trust that all who are involved in this project have the best interest of all citizens as they navigate the construction of this swimming pool. Always feel free to contact the Town of Delhi or direct your questions through this website where they will be forwarded to knowledgable people willing to accurately answer any of your questions.


Delhi Swimming Pool Project has been Completed!

After years of planning and fundraising, the Delhi swimming pool has been completed and now awaits a Spring opening. This project has evolved over the last 15 years. Its size, positioning and municipal funding has changed over this time, but the mission of offering a recreational site for our communities,its families and visitors has not wavered. While the Pool Project began with local citizens energy and the leadership of Wilbur S.Oles, Jr. for the first 6-7 years, it was through the support of the Town of Delhi that helped move it forward. Offering a safe, friendly environment for people to gather to swim, picnic and enjoy a beautiful rural setting has always remained in the forefront of this project. The pool transformed from having three distinct areas to a rectangular main pool with a separate pool for toddlers. Along the way, its placement on the property rotated and the pool building became more functional. While a salt water pool was explored and briefly adopted as the most efficient way to go, it was rather quickly determined that chlorine was more stable and reliable for a public swimming pool.

Check out the photos on this Website to see the progression of construction. Hats off to Eric Robert, Floyd Vogt and Jason Yando for their oversite through this construction.

Tune in to the Website to get up to date information about the Grand Opening in the Spring. That event will be early as this swimming pool has the capacity to be heated and therefore, taking a plunge in it could be much earlier in the season!


Pool Construction has Begun!

Jared Yando, who assists Eric Robert, owner and President of Schoolhouse Construction Services, LLC, hired to oversee the swimming pool project, has shared some important information to assure public safety.
        Construction fencing, silt fencing and some excavation of the area has began at the north end of the Legion.  To help the team overseeing the project, they ask that the community be aware that the site is an active construction site and should be avoided during work hours.
       Many people are not aware that the park/playground closed once the construction began. Please share with family and friends this information. It is not a safe area given its close proximity to heavy equipment. The Town of Delhi and the Pool Committee apologize for the inconvenience. Once the Delaware Academy Elementary School closes on Friday, June 22nd, the community would have the option of taking their children to the playground behind the school.
       Because the site is very active with large trucks and excavating equipment during the weekdays, those who are curious could check out the progress evenings after work has stopped, being sure to stay outside the construction fencing.
      It has been a long, crazy journey with many gratifying events and many disappointments. Finally,  it is happening! The swimming pool is being built! With a little bit of inconvenience and lots of patience, we will all witness a new facility perfect for enjoying not only the pleasures of swimming, but also a place perfect for families and friends to gather, to socialize, have picnics and play.

Delaware National Bank Offers the Pool Project a BAN

This Spring, The Delaware National Bank felt confident enough in the swimming pool project that they offered the Pool Committee, a subcommittee under the Town of Delhi, a BAN (Bond Anticipation Note) for one million dollars for one year to assist in the payout of funds for the project where grant money is released after proof of payment has been submitted. This is an enormous boost to the project. The Pool Committee is overwhelmed with gratitude for their trust in us and for their contribution in bringing a swimming pool/summer recreational hub back to our community.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Slated for May 23rd

Design complete, Bid Contract approved and contracts signed. Wednesday, May 23,2018, after 14 years in planning and fundraising, the golden shovels and champagne are ready for a groundbreaking ceremony at the north end of the Legion field. Invitations went out to grantors and donors to attend and participate in this event. It is through their generous contributions and grants that this swimming pool will finally be built. This is BIG! All who can come and watch should come. This could be considered a historic occasion!

"A Big Splash" Saturday, May 5th!

O'Connor Foundation Saves the Pool Project

On  Tuesday, January 9th, at the Delhi Town Board meeting, the status of the Swimming Pool Project was presented by Councilman Al Perkins.   He summarized the Pool Committee's efforts over the years to bring a swimming pool to the greater Delhi community and shared the present issues the committee is facing. He indicated that with the construction bids in, the Pool Committee has a $157,000 funding shortfall to address in order to move forward with the low bidder. The Town Board and the Pool Committee are now left with some touch decisions. The floor was open to public comment and questions .  Numerous citizens expressed that the swimming pool project not be abandoned, that there was a need for a community swimming pool  and were frustrated, wondering why it had to take so many years.

The Town Board listened, shared their obligation to the taxpayers and noted the most immediate needs of the town of Delhi. The future of the project was looking grim.  Perkins was interrupted by a phone call. He requested a five minute recess. Moments after the meeting resumed and the public comment allowed all who wished to speak, Perkins announced that the phone call had been from the O'Connor Foundation. They had just pledged another $200,000 to help assure that the project could move toward completion. After cheers and signs of relief from all in attendance, Perkins made the motion to send the low construction bid package to the NYS Parks and Rec for their required review. Once that process is complete, the Town Board will  vote to award the bid. Assuming they get a positive response from Parks and Rec., construction of the swimming pool would begin this Spring.


BIDS FOR THE SWIMMING POOL AND POOL HOUSE CONSTRUCTION WILL BE OPENED on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at the Delhi Town Board meeting. This brings our pool project one step closer to having a swimming pool in our community. Please attend to participate in this event. The opinions of our community matter. Share your thoughts with any Pool Committee member.

Pool Project Goes Out To Bid

Dreams do come true!

On October 14th, the pool project went out to bid. This brings our community’s dream of having a pool one step closer to being a reality! The greater Delhi area can
once again ride, walk or pedal to join friends and families at a new swimming pool. That means a long summer season of great exercise and more opportunities to socialize and have fun.

In August, the Department of Health approved the engineering documents for the project. This is a required step before the swimming pool project can move forward. They examined the pool structure, its design and gradient, the inclusion of required safety features and the bathroom facilities. They examined the pool house pump room design and the electrical and plumbing specifications. After their stringent review, they gave the project the go ahead.

As with all phases of this project, the next step was to submit these documents to the NYS Department of Parks and Historic Preservation for their continued review. This is necessary to assure access to the $200,000 grant awarded back in 2009. Their approval came on September 20th. Then the bid package was prepared and submitted to them. With little delay, they granted their approval to go out to bid. The bid notice can be found in the October 16th publication of the Walton Reporter, as well as, on the Town of Delhi website (http://townofdelhiny.com/content/pool-and-pool-house-specifications-lega...). Bids are due at the Delhi Town Hall by 3pm on November 14, 2017. Within the Town of Delhi website are the pool and pool house designs for those who are just interested in
what this facility will look like.

New Engineer-New Pool Design

With a new pool design engineer on board, the Pool Committee will likely break ground for the new community swimming pool in late Fall or early 2017.This past March, Rod Prosser, Lakeside Engineering PC, Rochester, NY, was awarded the bid. Prosser has met several times with committee members to develop a new, less elaborate pool design which would still meet the community needs and stay within budget. The committee ​had​ to abandon a 2006 pool design after bids came in exceeding the 1.2 million the committee had raised. Giving up was not an option. The support within the greater Delhi community and well beyond​,​ along with the grants and help from our elected officials​,​made it clear that for this project to stay afloat, ​a new, fresh approach was necessary. ​Wilbur S. Oles’ vision, his dedication and business sense that helped raise most of the 1.2 million for a new swimming pool was not going to be ignored nor abandoned.

Much of the progress can be attributed to Eric Robert, a member of our community with an expertise in Contract, Materials and Construction Management. He has been invaluable in reviewing bid packages, researching and checking references and offering engineering advice which has helped the committee proceed confidently. He has agreed to continue to be actively involved in this project. The Pool Committee and the Town of Delhi couldn't be happier and more grateful.

After many reviews, the design plans are ready to be submitted to the NYS Department of Health and the NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for approval. Their input is a necessary and integral part of the process. They bring assurances that we have a safe, high quality recreational environment for all to enjoy. These steps take time, but they are important and appreciated. Once these agencies do their reviews, the project will be ready to go out to bid.

So, it is full steam ahead. No hesitation..... No wavering.... No ifs, ands or buts. This swimming pool is going to be built!

Chlorine VS Salt Water

The Pool Committee had been keeping their eyes on the possibility of going with a salt water facility rather than chlorine as far back as 2008. Recently after contracting with Lakeside Engineering PC, the committee revisited this by doing a cost/mechanical analysis of chlorine versus salt water. The committee found the comparison to show clear advantages for having a salt water pool. ​Salt water​ reduces the annual cost of operation significantly and offers more stability and safety within and around ​the pool, all which benefit the ​swimmers.The committee voted unanimously to go with a salt water facility.

New Possibilities Energize the Pool Project

11/4/2015  The Pool Committee has decided to move forward with what they call their PLAN B for the design and construction of the new community swimming pool.

Good News!

Construction bids for our Delhi Swimming Pool And Pool House Project( West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center) are being solicited at this writing. We are on our way to having the swimming pool that will re-ignite and expand the recreational possibilities for our families and friends in our greater area. A truly exciting time! It has been a long journey. Finally our dream of again having a swimming pool is soon to become a reality!

The bid notice went in the Walton Reporter, Delaware County Times, Daily Star and Binghamton Press along with notice on the Contractor's website, Dodge Report. It also appears on the Town of Delhi website. Bids will be opened at 7:30pm on June 9th at the town of Delhi Office building at 5 Elm Street.

This will be a destination for summer fun, where you can enjoy swimming, meeting friends, getting healthy and just plain relaxing. And then you will look at the adjacent playground, the athletic fields and Delaware County mountains and want to pack a picnic and stay longer next time?

Stay tuned to hear the latest. 

Constitution Pipeline Community Grant Awarded

The Constitution Pipeline Community Grant Program has awarded the West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center Committee, a subcommittee under the Town of Delhi, a $25,000 grant for the construction of the community swimming pool. Under the expertise of Lori Paulson, a long time member of the Pool Committee and Grant Manager for Delaware County Economic Development, the application for consideration was submitted. Since 2008, Paulson has worked diligently to explore possible grants to assure the community could experience the summer recreational opportunities provided by a swimming pool, a facility which was once the focal point for summer activities in the greater Delhi area.  It was in 1950 that a group of energetic and optimistic residents, much like today’s Pool Committee, fundraised for a community swimming pool on Sheldon Drive.  That original group included the current Pool Committee’s Chairman Bill Oles whose business savvy paved the way from 2003 until 2011 when he stepped down due to health issues. Their venture gave this community a swimming pool that lasted 50 years. This present Pool Committee has every intention of doing the same!

Green Light!

The Pool Committee has been notified by the New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation Agency that the plans and bid specifications package for the community swimming pool has been reviewed and approved. The quicker than expected letter of acceptance from Parks and Rec can most surely be due to the dedicated and thorough development of these plans and specifications by Pool Committee member, Chris Maney. What was advised by the agency to take weeks took just three days. Lori Paulson, Delaware County Economic Development, and member of the Pool Committee, has been the guiding force in navigating the many steps to satisfy Parks and Rec procedures to guarantee the $200,000 grant awarded 4 years ago.

This good news means the pool project is ready to go out to bid and that the ground breaking ceremonies will take place this Fall.  It has been through the vision and leadership of the Pool Committee founder, Wilbur S. Oles, that this project is now close to becoming a reality. The Pool Committee has never wavered from staying focused and dedicated to Mr. Oles’ belief that this greater area’s residents and visitors deserve the chance to again have the recreational pleasures that a swimming pool  offers, that there is a  center where families and friends can socially interact in a healthy and positive way.

Bid Specs Prepared/Driveway Established

This Spring the Village of Delhi Planning Board approved the West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center pool site plans. This was soon after the NYS Health Department approved and stamped the pool plans authorizing the committee to move forward in the project. Passing the detailed inspection by the DOH is a major hurdle. And, they will continue to monitor the project and inspect the facility on a regular basis for as long as the swimming pool is in operation. The Planning Board completed and approved the SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) which indicated a negative declaration/impact to the environment. This step gives the committee the authorization to break ground. Immediately afterwards, the pool plans and necessary paperwork were sent to the New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Agency for their final review phase of approval. Their official approval is a requirement for the committee to be assured of the $200,000 grant awarded 4 years ago.

With  help from the Architectural Engineer, Ben Hanbicki, who incorporated the committee’s wish list into a design 8 years ago  and additional help from members of the committee, the bid specs are near completion. The Pool Committee, under the wing of the Town of Delhi, expects to bid out, if all goes well, before the summer is over.

Through dialogue and negotiation, several entities within the community agreed where the safest route to the swimming pool should be. The Pool Committee is elated and appreciative to all who made this driveway entry to the pool possible. It will assure safe and direct access to the pool for all who want to enjoy the many recreational and social opportunities the swimming pool offers.

So are we there yet?  The Pool Committee believes we are pretty close!!

Senator Bonacic Announces a $100,000 Grant

The Town of Delhi Pool Committee was notified on February 26th by Senator Bonacic of a $100,000 grant for the community swimming pool project. Bonacic has been a long time supporter of this project. He first recognized the recreational need for this area back in 2005 with a grant to develop the engineering plans for the pool. Bill Oles, President at that time of the West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center Committee (the formal name of this project) knew the importance of asking our elected officials for financial support as well as, giving a public voice to the need to have safe recreational opportunities for our rural communities. This is an exciting catalyst which will undoubtedly guarantee that groundbreaking will occur this year. Thank you, Mr. Bonacic!!

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