Good News!

Construction bids for our Delhi Swimming Pool And Pool House Project( West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center) are being solicited at this writing. We are on our way to having the swimming pool that will re-ignite and expand the recreational possibilities for our families and friends in our greater area. A truly exciting time! It has been a long journey. Finally our dream of again having a swimming pool is soon to become a reality!

The bid notice went in the Walton Reporter, Delaware County Times, Daily Star and Binghamton Press along with notice on the Contractor's website, Dodge Report. It also appears on the Town of Delhi website. Bids will be opened at 7:30pm on June 9th at the town of Delhi Office building at 5 Elm Street.

This will be a destination for summer fun, where you can enjoy swimming, meeting friends, getting healthy and just plain relaxing. And then you will look at the adjacent playground, the athletic fields and Delaware County mountains and want to pack a picnic and stay longer next time?

Stay tuned to hear the latest.