Moving Right Along!

Although it appears the Pool Committee is not actively moving forward, its members have remained diligent and steadfast behind the scenes to secure accurate and bid ready specifications for the pool, pool house, fencing and landscaping. Contributions came in all last Fall and continue through this Winter.  It has been a long process with many detours in requirements we must meet, but we are still moving forward.  Our funds have climbed to $620,000, which is HUGE.  Yes, if you have heard the pool house is going in this Spring, you are right!!  It is going to happen!!!  

For all you pool veterans, if you have photos of your days in and around the old Sheldon Drive pool, share them with us on our Facebook page.  Also, don't hesitate to share your ideas on Fundraisers etc. as this project gathers its strength through the support and ideas of all those who are interested in the success of this project. It's called TEAM!