Much Needed Clarification about the Project’s Status

To pass by the Pool Project down at the far end of the Legion Field, one might surmise that the swimming pool was ready to be used but for the element of frigid December weather and the absence of the finishing touches in proper landscaping. While the pool appears complete and has the fencing and the building to house the pump room and bathrooms, the pool project is not completed. The construction company, Andrew R.Mancini Associates, Inc., will be returning in the Spring to finish the necessary tasks in satisfying their obligation in completing this project. Presently, the pool has some water in it which helps to stabilize and anchor the pool structure over the winter. This will be drained so that the Mancinicrew can finish the pool surface.

To say, in the midst of municipal and grantor oversite, that the Pool Projectis complete is misleading and falsely implies all requirements have been met to secure available funding. The swimming pool will be fully functional next year with an anticipated christening in early summer. This is a goal and no one sees any reason not to believe everything will be ready for that official opening celebration.

It is through the patience, the understanding and the wisdom of the Town of Delhi and the Pool Committee that our communities may soon experience a swimming pool once again. The mission to provide a safe environment for summer recreation and a gathering place for family and friends has never wavered. It has been a long and bumpy road continually redirected and negotiated by experienced people.

Please trust that all who are involved in this project have the best interest of all citizens as they navigate the construction of this swimming pool. Always feel free to contact the Town of Delhi or direct your questions through this website where they will be forwarded to knowledgable people willing to accurately answer any of your questions.