New Possibilities Energize the Pool Project

11/4/2015  The Pool Committee has decided to move forward with what they call their PLAN B for the design and construction of the new community swimming pool. The committee voted at their June meeting to not give up when two bids came in June 9th well above the available funds. Patterson-Stevens Inc. of Tonawanda submitted bids of $1,322,000 for the pool, $155,000 for the pool house and $13,000 for the heating system. Mid-Atlantic Construction and Design of Trenton, New Jersey submitted bids of $1,314,000 for the pool, $248,640 for the pool house and $10,000 for the heating system. The pool committee had no choice but to recommend the bids be rejected by the Delhi Town Council. In a Special Meeting on June 12th, the Council acknowledged that recommendation and voted to reject the bids. No time was wasted in coming up with a new direction. This past week, the New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYSPRHP) approved a RFP (Request for Proposals) which couples a swimming pool design with the construction of the pool in one bid process. The RFP Bid Package will go out this week (November 9th) with the return date 30 days from release. While the committee still has set specific safety, handicap, and swimming instruction guidelines as to what is needed for successful operation and maintenance of our community pool, it will be the potential bidders challenge to come up with a design that meets these needs, as well as, has the expertise to construct it within the fund range the current pool treasury has available. It is not likely, though not completely impossible, that the design moving forward will not look as architecturally fascinating as the design we have worked to fundraise for over the last 8 to 9 years. The committee concluded that they would remain focused on making this pool happen, but to do that in a timely manner, some compromises had to occur.

The O’Connor Foundation has shown continued recognition of this community endeavor by recently contributing an additional $30,000. This brings their support to well over $200,000. The West Branch Recreation and Aquatic Center Committee (The Pool Committee) and our communities are grateful for their long time interest and assistance.

New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation has graciously extended the $200,000 grant use period to keep the awarded funds available for this project. This grant had to be used within a specific time period. With the help of Lori Paulson, Delaware County Economic Development and Pool Committee member, the agency is allowing the Pool Committee additional time to use the available funds.

Eric Robert, skilled in technology and construction management, has agreed to review the RFP Bid Packages once they are opened in December. His extensive expertise is recognized and well respected in this area. The Pool Committee feels fortunate and couldn’t be more pleased that he accepted the challenge.

For all the many supporters and contributors from the greater Delhi area and well beyond, thank you for believing in this project. For all the individuals, families and visitors who have waited for a swimming pool way too long, the Pool Committee will do everything and more to bring to fruition a swimming pool that everyone young and old can enjoy.