O’Connor Foundation Approves a Grant for the Pool Project

The Pool Committee, operating under the wing of the Town, has been notified that the A. Lindsay and Olive B.  O’Connor Foundation has approved a grant of $213,000 to the Town of Delhi toward the construction of the swimming pool. The grant funds must be utilized within three years and are contingent upon submission of an acceptable proposal outlining heat and insulation with a multi fuel/gas heat system.  The Pool Project as designed in 2006 was to be equipped with the capacity for the water to be heated in order to extend the swimming season and keep the facility open longer as a family and social gathering spot for our communities.  The committee had decided to explore heating sources and do fundraising for the most viable source after the pool was constructed and operational.  While the committee had looked into solar energy, the O’Connor Foundation grant opens up new possibilities to meet the heat energy needs.

The Town of Delhi and the Pool Committee are very grateful for so generous a grant and for the validation and support it represents from the O’Connor Foundation.  Going into its 10th year of fundraising, grant pursuits and navigating through and around various bumps in the course, the Pool Committee has remained strong and committed to seeing this swimming pool become a reality.  The O’Connor Foundation has offered our communities the opportunity to meet the goal. Such good news at just the right time!!!  Thank you goes out to Donald Bishop, Executive Director, and the Board of Directors of the O’Connor Foundation. The Town of Delhi and its Pool Committee appreciate their confidence in this recreational endeavor.