O'Connor Foundation Saves the Pool Project

On  Tuesday, January 9th, at the Delhi Town Board meeting, the status of the Swimming Pool Project was presented by Councilman Al Perkins.   He summarized the Pool Committee's efforts over the years to bring a swimming pool to the greater Delhi community and shared the present issues the committee is facing. He indicated that with the construction bids in, the Pool Committee has a $157,000 funding shortfall to address in order to move forward with the low bidder. The Town Board and the Pool Committee are now left with some touch decisions. The floor was open to public comment and questions .  Numerous citizens expressed that the swimming pool project not be abandoned, that there was a need for a community swimming pool  and were frustrated, wondering why it had to take so many years.

The Town Board listened, shared their obligation to the taxpayers and noted the most immediate needs of the town of Delhi. The future of the project was looking grim.  Perkins was interrupted by a phone call. He requested a five minute recess. Moments after the meeting resumed and the public comment allowed all who wished to speak, Perkins announced that the phone call had been from the O'Connor Foundation. They had just pledged another $200,000 to help assure that the project could move toward completion. After cheers and signs of relief from all in attendance, Perkins made the motion to send the low construction bid package to the NYS Parks and Rec for their required review. Once that process is complete, the Town Board will  vote to award the bid. Assuming they get a positive response from Parks and Rec., construction of the swimming pool would begin this Spring.

The Pool Committee, the Town of Delhi Board and all the citizens in the greater area are grateful and indebted to the kindness and generosity of the O'Connor Foundation in helping this community pool finally become a reality.  They have believed this project worthy of their support. They have understood the positive impact on families, on children, on community.

Fundraising will be imperative as this community moves forward with the project. The Pool Committee welcomes the energy and participation of those organizations and individuals who have the enthusiasm and knowledge to raise funds to support their swimming pool.

The next meeting of the Pool Committee will be within the next two weeks. All who are interested are welcome to attend.  The date and location will be posted on this site.