Pool Construction has Begun!

Jared Yando, who assists Eric Robert, owner and President of Schoolhouse Construction Services, LLC, hired to oversee the swimming pool project, has shared some important information to assure public safety.
        Construction fencing, silt fencing and some excavation of the area has began at the north end of the Legion.  To help the team overseeing the project, they ask that the community be aware that the site is an active construction site and should be avoided during work hours.
       Many people are not aware that the park/playground closed once the construction began. Please share with family and friends this information. It is not a safe area given its close proximity to heavy equipment. The Town of Delhi and the Pool Committee apologize for the inconvenience. Once the Delaware Academy Elementary School closes on Friday, June 22nd, the community would have the option of taking their children to the playground behind the school.
       Because the site is very active with large trucks and excavating equipment during the weekdays, those who are curious could check out the progress evenings after work has stopped, being sure to stay outside the construction fencing.
      It has been a long, crazy journey with many gratifying events and many disappointments. Finally,  it is happening! The swimming pool is being built! With a little bit of inconvenience and lots of patience, we will all witness a new facility perfect for enjoying not only the pleasures of swimming, but also a place perfect for families and friends to gather, to socialize, have picnics and play.