Why the design?

The committee is made up of individuals who have built pools in the past, worked at public swimming pool and directed the swimming programs here in Delhi and other communities. The decision was made that our swimming facility should be designed to meet the needs of children, teens, adults of all ages and be handicap accessible. Individuals should be able to swim laps, creatively play, socialize and enjoy the thrills of water elements (such as a slide, mushroom water spray) all at the same time. Young children and their parents should be able to enter and safely enjoy the water yet still be near older children and/or be near the various other pool activities. The various depths were incorporated into the project to accommodate both swimming and standing water activities and to meet the required depth for the slide. The entry locations, including the handicap lift, were strategically placed as required to meet the different expectations of pool users as they access safely the area of the pool that they are interested in being in.

Operating a separate pool for children is not only isolating, but also more costly as it requires more mechanical set up and energy to operate.