Frequently Asked Questions

The site committee used aerial and on site review of various sites around the community. Location, size of property, ease of access for vehicles, walkers and individuals on bikes, safety and recreational potential of the surrounding area were all influences in arriving at the site for the project. The Village owned property at the north end of the village and next to the Legion property already showcased the sense of community and recreational activities. This would help to attract citizens and their families from a large geographic area to spend additional time in the same area enjoying swimming and water activities. The old pool site was attractive because of its close proximity to the school, but the size of usable land for the proposed pool project and parking were not adequate.

The committee is made up of individuals who have built pools in the past, worked at public swimming pool and directed the swimming programs here in Delhi and other communities. The decision was made that our swimming facility should be designed to meet the needs of children, teens, adults of all ages and be handicap accessible. Individuals should be able to swim laps, creatively play, socialize and enjoy the thrills of water elements (such as a slide, mushroom water spray) all at the same time. Young children and their parents should be able to enter and safely enjoy the water yet still be near older children and/or be near the various other pool activities. The various depths were incorporated into the project to accommodate both swimming and standing water activities and to meet the required depth for the slide. The entry locations, including the handicap lift, were strategically placed as required to meet the different expectations of pool users as they access safely the area of the pool that they are interested in being in.

Operating a separate pool for children is not only isolating, but also more costly as it requires more mechanical set up and energy to operate.

This swimming pool facility is not a water park, either by definition or by scope of the project. It is hoped, however, that this swimming pool facility does generate positive reactions and excitement, that it is welcoming and that our communities can be proud and satisfied that we have a unique place in our community for people of all ages to enjoy!

It was a difficult decision. The committee felt a diving board's required depth and its liability were outweighed by the popularity of a slide which requires less depth and has a greater probability to attract users of all ages.

The project has all design and engineering plans complete , with initial approval by the Department of Health in Albany (their formal approval is made when the project construction is to begin) and the contractor is ready. There is Planning Board appearances to be made.

The major hold up at this time is funds. With the funds, this swimming pool could be in and ready for use in a short period of time.

Certain features of the pool such as the slide, umbrella and children's slide are items the committee is committed to having. With our funding now being over $500,000, we are fast approaching the necessary funds to break ground. While it is important that the engineering for these features be in the construction plans, they could feasibly be added later through fundraising or individual donations. That is a possible option, but ideally, the committee is hoping for the excitement and interest to translate into the added donations which push us over the top.

The pool will have the capability to be heated. The plumbing and wiring are in the engineering plans. There has been discussion about making this project a "Green" project to help in this specific area. By having the ability to warm the water, we believe the swimming season could be longer by opening earlier and/or staying open after Labor Day.

This swimming pool will be accessible and welcoming to all citizens of our communities, as well as visitors to our area. The pool committee does not want any individual to be prohibited from enjoying time at the swimming pool due to financial constraints. Because an admission fee could prove burdensome to some families, the committee believes there are other more creative ways to offset some of the costs of operating the pool.

The plan is to have the pool open throughout the day and into the evening so that citizens and their families can count on the freedom to swim and enjoy the gathering space without trying to schedule their trips around closures for meal breaks, special usage needs etc. We would like the communities to have the ability to come and go and return again without watching the clock. We expect to have lights for evening enjoyment.

Approximately 9 people would be employed full time through the season.

The Pool Committee appointed a subcommittee of three members in the late summer of 2014 to develop a specific budget reflecting the realistic breakdown of the costs of operating the swimming pool through a season. After numerous meetings researching costs of personnel, equipment and contractual expenses, the budget was presented successfully to the Town Council for review and approval. Click here for the Proposed 2015 Budget.